Monday, May 31, 2010

Giver 8 er - Very Quick Race Report

Hey Guys,

As noted. My race was really short. My TR partner and I entered the race as individuals and wanted to just get a long training day in. We were both uncertain with the bad weather. I was expecting the race to be cancelled. I am really glad that it wasn't though.

Dennis had the prime tent location set up and we did our bike tinkering. I had just gotten hubs fixed, new rear cassette, tune up, new brake rotors, and a DU bearing replaced for my rear shock. I was primed and ready to rock. Too bad I didn't look at the 2 year old Python tires. Talk about mud magnets!

The race started and Dennis and I were both riding well and in good positions. We had a nice group going and about 6km into my first lap, I snagged a branch that went perfectly into my chain and derailleur pulleys. You always hit stuff and I just thought it was touching my chain, not caught. Before I new it, I was off my bike and trying to figure out what happened. My chain was completely jammed up. We removed the stick and then saw that my hanger was twisted, the rear derailleur was in my spokes and turned completely sideways. Much like my foot was twisted around when I tore my ACL 18 years ago. We then noticed that I had actually sheared the metal guard into 2 pieces. Hopefully the picture can do it justice of my power and force that I put through the drivetrain :)

I was pretty pissed about it but I wanted to make sure I got one lap in. I took the rear tire off and hoisted the bike on shoulder and marched out. I missed a couple of corners on my way back and finally got to the timer. Crazy Larry was totally awesome, even gave me some radio time as the first mechanical of the day!

Thanks to everyone at the Deadgoats for a great race. There was some super fit dudes and dudettes there, everyone looked to have a great time. The Speed Theory team was always smiling and it was great to see everyone cheering each other on. Great fun.

Hopefully Shawna was right, I hope that was the end of my mechanical karma. Pretty happy with the guys at Bow Cycle. I'm getting a sweet deal on parts and labor for a new derailleur. Must be the fact I spent $550 last week to ride for 6 minutes!!!!

Remember, there is only 2 types of music, HEAVY and METAL!

Slayer Dan

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