Friday, May 14, 2010

Speed Theory Cycling's: ACME Incredibilus Velocitus ITT

Well, I have had the pleasure of simply observing Darcy's masterful negotiation through the red tape boundaries of bureaucracy and get us full permission to use an Alberta Transportation highway for our May 30th 40km ITT!!

We will have a poster and registration up very soon. But I wanted to give cyclists the heads up that this is a course not to miss. It is in a region that hasn't typically seen bike racing and Acme seems to be embracing the event, which should be encouraged.

Andy Holmwood will be doing a field test of the timing system that will be used for nationals at this event, so we will have national caliber timing that promises to be accurate and the results timely.

I have just purchased commercial event insurance for this race, meaning that THIS RACE IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR THE SAME PRICE AS ABA MEMBERS !! Please start getting your friends pumped to try out a pure cycling event. I have told the commissaries that if you are registered in 'Citizen's Class' (meaning no ABA race license), then only check the bike for safety. This means if you are a triathlete, you can come and race the exact same set up you race tris on. We want you trying a pure bike race, since we know you will get hooked!

Next time you see Darcy, buy him a beer or pat him on the back, getting this permission wasn't a small amount of work.

We will be making the call for several volunteers soon.



Dennis said...

Awesome! Great job Darcy (and Trev, as always).

roblukacs said...

Nice work guys! If I'm back from Europe and not too fat for my bike's weight limit I'll definitely be there.

I tried to track down the Giro today but turns out I'm too far away...would have been nice to see their timing equipment!

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