Monday, May 31, 2010

Giver8er 8 Hour Enduro Mtn Bike Race

Sunday May 30th, race day in Calgary - MotherNature decided to remind Calgary’s bike racing community that she is boss by throwing us some cold temperatures, snow, rain, wind, wrenches, etc. Mountain bike racers and road racers did not let her win, by showing her we are the boss, and we will race. And racing we did. While Speed Theory’s racing team took part in the Incredibulus Velocitus 40km ITT, some of the members took part in the Deadgoat Giver8er – 8 hour endurance race at C.O.PSolo members who braved the greasy, muckfest included Thomas Y, Marcy K, Dan S, and myself (Shawna). We also had Charles B there on a Mixed Team of 2. To no surprise, the first half of the 8.5km course was slimy, thick mud with roots, tight tight singletrack, rocks, creeks with slippery skinny bridges, and lots of little steep climbs. The last half was a mixture of that, and some long hammer sections that dried out somewhat by noon. A lot of the course was tracked out by the 160-some riders who braved the event, enabling you to ride what you were walking earlier on.

Props go out to EVERYONE for this race, just for showing up and braving the conditions. SpeedTheory props go to Thomas Y for being the SS hero and rocking 10 laps on one gear. This gave him a 4th place finish, and he earned that 4th place finish by having a full on sprint to the finish line with another brave Singlespeed male with the same amount of laps as him. Thomas’Cyclocross moves assisted in this finish, as his jump off the bike and leap at the scanner like it was a barrier to scan the chip put the other guy in 5th.

Marcy K had 6 hard laps giving her 6th place, and again, with her heavy 29er front wheel to lift over the logs and up some of those greasy climbs. Marcy had to put her medical skills to the test during the race when she came upon another racer who got her foot caught in her spokes. Nice work Marcy! Marcy also helped me out when I was ready to pack it in after my 3rd lap. I was trying my best just to stay upright on my bike and realized on my 3rd lap that I hadn’t even finished one bottle of fluid. I ended up sitting out for about ½ hour, drinking, eating, and getting it together. If Marcy wouldn’t have come along and coaxed me out, I wouldn’t have completed 7 laps, giving me a 4th place finish. Thanks so much! During my 6th lap, my knee had an encounter with a tree, and the tree won, so I sat off the trail for 10 minutes before limping up to the top, where volunteers told me I had to ride for a photo. So I did, and moving it saved me, so I could get in my 7th lap.

Rumor has it, that Dan S was only able to get in 1 or 2 laps, as his derailleur had a fight with the course, and the course won. A busted derailleur was the end of his day. Apparently Dan was racing with his Trans Rockies (this August) partner to simulate a typical day at the 7-day stage race. Well Dan, I think the entire day was a great simulation of what can happen at that race. Preparation is good, and maybe you got the mechanical karma out of the way early!
Charles B was on a Mixed Team of 2 and they were able to get 4th place in their category. Charles was worried about not being on a mtn bike in a long time, so coming out in yesterday’s conditions hopefully changed that!

We also had some members out there cheering us on, and thank you so much for that. It was motivating hearing your name as you came through the transition area, and also when you were out there getting to the top of a grueling climb. Thanks Keith B, Shelly B, and Mitzy M (those are the people I saw) Rick M was marshalling a section and he was also a huge motivation as you came through two points that passed each other. I looked forward to that section as he talked you through crossing the bridge up the steep greasy climb and then again as you made your way back and had to do a greasy tight switchback climb. The day actually turned out better than everyone anticipated, and only a couple very light sprinkles fell from the sky. The black clouds moved in as soon as the awards were presented, and I’m sure the rain we were all very afraid of fell on C.O.P. after we departed. Thanks for the headgame Mother Nature.

Great job everyone!!! Way to represent Speed Theory at this event. Speed Theory had several shout outs by the announcer (Crazy Larry) as we all rolled through the transition area throughout the day, including the announcing of my picture on the cover of Get Out There magazine that was thrown in racer swag bags.

Next up in 2 weeks (after Pigeon Lake) is Cyclemeisters 5 hour Organ Grinder race in Canmore!

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