Monday, May 3, 2010

Velocity Stage Race

Wow! What a weekend. I am totally impressed by the caliber of riders that were out for this event. Even in the lowly Cat 5 category there are some awesome atheletes. Totally impressive are the Juvectus group of young riders. I haven't seen the results yet but in every event they were a power house.... well done.
Speed Theory has some fabulous talent this year as well. I was honored to be working with some of the other guys in the cat 5 road race. I think that some of them came in in the top 10-15. I ran over Rob (the road rash) Welsch on the second last corner so I didn't get to see the final sprint. With that said, I felt awesome (mostly) until that point. I'm sure I would have been crushed in the final sprint but it was a fun race.

Thank you Velocity for putting on such a well organized event. The volunteers and organizers were fabulous.

Does anyone have a relative, friend or co-worker that might be coming from edmonton? I left a wheel set in the wheel car and was hoping someone might be coming to Calgary soon and can bring them down. Lastly, I left some sunglasses in the Boston Pizza and was hoping someone grabbed them..
I seem to have a bout of LHD (Lockland Holmes Disease) for forgetting stuff. At least I got to race :) I better be carefull, I hear he's a black belt in Thong-quan-doe.


Robert said...

Sorry about that Tom, I was oh no no no when I saw you coming for me.

I felt awesome as well heading up front into that final stretch until unfortunatly the dudes in front of me got tangled up and braked hard and I hit a wheel. -> splat

next time :)

Charles said...

Opps! and here I thought that i got a top 15 finish in Sunday's RR...but they may have disqualified me for riding too far past the center line :( d'oh!

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