Saturday, May 29, 2010

Incredibilus Velocitus 40km ITT RESULTS


Race report and photos to come soon.



Josh said...

I drove the TT route today on my way from Edmonton to Calgary. Snow wasn't sticking to the surface of the road there... unlike the 10cm of accumulation in Delburne. Looked like an excellent course choice guys!, some parts dead flat and some slight grades up near the turn-around to keep our minds occupied.

NGarcia said...

Is it still pssible to race?I am in cat 4 on Synergy racing

THanks, Nicolas Garcia

Bryon Howard said...

Would like to still register - if possible. (Sent an email at noon.)
Bryon Howard

Ryan said...
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Dallas said...

awesome venue ! really dig that course too.
Once again ST sets the bar.
thanks for organizing.

Dennis said...

Agreed. Good pavement, reasonable shoulder with no obnoxious rumble strips (on the race course) and relatively low volume of traffic. The only sub-optimal feature was the weather.

Great job organizing!

Elise said...

good job guys!

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