Thursday, May 13, 2010

Penticton Trip- Big Reminder

To those people heading to Penticton over the next week for some epic riding, remember one thing: bring your passport even if you are remotely thinking of joining us on the ride into the United States (Day 7 on Saturday). Without your passport, you will be left to your own devices (and possibly those of US customs) to try and cross the border with us.

There's a link at the top of this Blog page titled, PENTICTON CAMP, under the section called "Important current stuff." It will send you to a general post highlighting some important points about the trip and links to the previous blog posts about the rides and so on/what not/etcetera/so forth...

In other news, I won the Cabin Ride last night...that is, if it were a race to the bottom of Old Banff Coach Road. Go steel bikes!

Here is a webcam of where we are going on Thursday !! From warm swimmable lake in Oliver straight up to a ski lift ! Just a 27km climb separates them.


PeterV said...

Looks like a great trip...The Giant's Head in Summerland is one of my favorite little climbs. Super steep, beautiful narrow asphalt road. Great views. Loads of fun suffering. Enjoy! Wish I was able to make it.

Ryan said...

Thanks Peter!

All the best.

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