Monday, May 31, 2010

Incredibilus Velocitus ITT -- Thanks to All the Volunteers!

Fellow Speed Theorists,

I want to extend a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped out on Sunday to make our event a great success. With the exception of forgetting to get the key to the building (my bad, lesson learned for next year and a big, big, big thank you to Emilie for covering for my error and getting the keys and organizing all the volunteers. I owe you big time!), I think everything else went off quite well. Off the top of my head, thanks to:

Route Set-Up: Trev W., Carl, Ross, Mark, Darryl and Alan
Food Organization: Emilie L., David M., Clarke (Timmies!) and the BBQ guys: Steve P & Steve W and Tony
Course Marshalls: Kathy, Ross, Julie, Gina, Scott G-C, Steve W
Holder: Mark S.
Start/Finisher Helpers: Steve and Danielle K., Carlos and A-Train.
General Super Helpers (for being everywhere, corrdinating, helping on course, clean-up...): Ryan M, Clarke E, Marilyn T., Tom K, Alan and Lockie
Let's not forget Stephen k's huge Suburban that carried food & the "small" BBQ!

Special thanks to our ABA officials: Arnold, Carol, and Andy. Without them, this race couldn't have happened.

If your name isn't mentioned above, but you helped out in any way, shape, or form, please leave a comment so you can be recognized.

Darcy G.


Clarke E said...

Awesome event, a big thanks to everyone who helped. Also, the wind probably gave a bigger racer like me an edge, so thanks to mother nature as well.

Kailee said...

I second that.. well, the first part at least. Big thank you to all the volunteers who helped out. As for the wind, well, that's another story. Great event as per usual.

JayR said...

Awesome race, site and community. This location is definitely a keeper.

kelly.ot said...

Yes, thank-you to all the volunteers that braved the weather conditions to make it possible. Cannot believe all the great food, coffee, donuts available!

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