Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Penticton Camp – The last word

This is it. Over the next four days a shwack of us are heading west to Penticton for the week. Here’s how the week is going to go down. I only linked to the long rides because the short rides will be either the same ride or a part of the long ride depending on the day. Also, we ALWAYS meet at Denny's (939 Burnaby Avenue W), which is part of the Sandman Hotel in Penticton.

There will be options for the short ride on Day 7. By then, all of us will have a pretty good idea of how we feel about ourselves and each other and what roads go where. Some options to think about for the Day 7 short ride are doing the Ironman course in reverse (160km), do the Apex climb up and down from Penticton (75km), go to the US border and back (130km), lay on the beach (0km), tour the Naramata Bench wineries on or off your bike (40km).

This is the last post before the trip. If you have any last minute questions, please post them in the comments section and I’ll answer them asap. I’m leaving for Revelstoke on Friday by 2 p.m. See you in BC.

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