Sunday, June 9, 2013

Alan Oickle Saved My Life

When Tom and Alan caught up to me, I'd just finished repairing my first flat of the day. As per normal, I'd reduced my available CO2 cartridges to zero. I had one tube left. Alan insisted on giving me a CO2 cartridge "just in case". I had my second flat just ahead of Alan Bill Pond and watched Tom and Alan speed away into the distance trying to outrun the rain. 
While fixing flat number two the rain started, soon to be followed by the hail. I became quite familiar with the bulletin board at the pond (stocked with Rainbows, although they also claim Brookies). It (the bulletin board) is covered by a (roughly) 1m2 roof. I got a bit damp. When the hail hit, the temperature dropped about 7°. By the time I started riding again I was shivering enough that I was mostly a blur as I ploughed through drifts of small hailstones. 
I got back to the Cinnamon Spoon for espresso just as I felt the shivering stop. It was the wrong direction though - this was the occasion when shivering stops as you move into the second stage of hypothermia. It makes it easier to stay on your bike, but more likely that you'll eventually fall off as you succumb to dreams of warmth. The espresso and the coffee shop got me back to shivering and out the right side of not shivering. 
I made it home a little late, but coherent and functioning.
Thanks Alan. I owe you a beer. Not a crap beer either. Something fancy.


Tom said...

Darryl, we didnt realize you had flatted. I took a pull, then Alan and there you were... gone!
We only had rain, no hail. Brent tells me it was really ugly with hale and all. He and his girl friend took shelter under a tent at Station Flats.

Darryl said...

Yeah, it didn't make sense to call you back. Things were about to go sideways badly and we could have all three suffered together, or just me. Also, the hail made the coolest noise as it plummetted into the pond, so I had that going for me.

AlanO said...

Thanks for the update Darryl. Glad you are ok, we were concerned. Your one tough dude!

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