Wednesday, June 26, 2013

STC celebrates the TdF with a big group ride, a prologue, and a coffee. The perfect day?

Club, the Tour is very close! In fact it starts THIS Saturday !!

Obligatory picture of Jens.
You've already booked three weeks of mornings off so you can watch the Tour live. You've already joined the TdF pool. Now, ... let's go on a massive group ride on June 29th after the coverage is over!

Most Tours start with a Prologue, which is a very short Time Trial essentially to 'introduce' the players to the audience and establish an order to the racers so that someone gets to wear the Yellow Jersey. The Prologue is usually between 5 - 8 km long.

Let's have a fun NO DROP ride out to a 'Downhill, tailwind, straight 7km TT', gather again, and then a NO DROP ride back to a coffee shop. I would love to meet all the club mates I haven't met yet.

Here's the plan:

Everyone meets where the Wheelers ride starts, but an hour later, so at 10am. Everyone meet at the Tim Hortons on the corner of 85th Street and 9th Ave. SW at 10am.

We all ride down Old Banff Coach Road, across the highway, to Airport Road. We'll all ride to the end and have a 7km Prologue.

After, we'll all gather up and casually ride the same route back and have coffee at the Starbucks beside the Tim Hortons.

You should come. This is a NO DROP ride with a fun event inside it. It doesn't matter if you have never doen something like this before. It is meant to be a time we can all meet each other and celebrate the Tour, the weather, the end of the flooding, and riding bikes. Bring your road bike not your TT rig.

I would love to see all of you at 10am THIS Saturday. If you have missed Harley's excellent 'Skills Nights' and have training, tactics, cycling related questions, I will be happy to chat with you about them!  I hope we get quite a few Cat 4,3,2's out for this ride to spend some time with the new members and answer questions and teach skills.

We will time the 7km TT for those that want it. I am going to go all out. Marilyn wants Tomo to come out and get a crushing. It would be cool if two people came out to volunteer. If you want to just ride and not do the TT, let me know at the beginning and I will get you to time.

This group ride / Prologue is open to all friends of STC, so it would be fun to see some other clubs there as well!



Chuck J said...

D@mm*t Trev! You know I'm supposed to be recovering from a concussion, but you make this sound like too much fun to miss.

Well it was a very mild concussion, and in fact I'm feeling pretty good over the last day or two. Maybe just a short little easy ride...

Ryan Kennedy said...

Sure, what the h*ck. sounds fun :)

Harley Borlee said...

Sounds like a good time. I'm in. I might also be in for a longer loop if anyone else is in for a few extra km's.

Chuck, is you concussion from Banff?


Chuck J said...

Yep, like you said the symptoms developed later that night. Saw a doc the next day.

I was in the mix and gunning for a top 3 crit finish on the last lap, only 2 turns and 300 meters to go. But I was taken down by a Synergy rider who passed on the inside and promptly lost his front wheel in turn three.

Sad thing is that this kid is 1/3 my age. Had that not happened there would have been 3 STC riders in the top 5. A top 2 would have given me enough points to upgrade to cat 4. Starting to look like that might be a goal for next year...

Trev said...

Chuck, have you seen the pic of the Synergy dude with a slipped wheel right in front of you? It is a dramatic pic.

Don't lose hope, you were riding really really well. You have a super winter of consistent training behind you, a couple weeks off won't slow you down for too long. Target, TdBow and the JayLap.


Chuck J said...


Thanks for the encouragement, just a little bummed. My wife is freaked at the thought of more crits, so those are a harder sell. Will miss the TdBow on vacation but I'll be back for the JayLap.

I'd like to see that photo, is it online somewhere?

Ryan Kennedy said... Here you go Chuck. You'll be back at it in no time - remind your wife that cycling raises vigor. That's what I always do.

Corran said...

Sounds like a good way to start the long weekend Trev, see you all there

Emily said...

I'm in! Derek might even hobble out and lend some support too.

Karel said...

That was great. I can't push too hard with the knee, but it was nice to ride with the club and feel like part of the group again!

Lawrence Zalasky said...

Great ride Trev! We should do more of those.

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