Friday, June 14, 2013

Tonight's club get together in Banff. LOCATION CHANGE!!

I went to Boston Pizza to tell them we were coming and they are out of business !!  We will meet at Earls Restaurant instead. It is just around the corner on Wolf St.   See you there at 6pm!  They are going to try to accommodate us but we may have to sit at a few big tables.

The team is doing well generally. The Cat3/4 pack is huge at over 70 racers. Unfortunately Isaac was caught in a pile up just before the finish while the team was leading him out. He was given the same time as the front pack though since it was in the last 3km.

The Cat1/2 pack is 81 racers strong and it made for a really tight and fast road race along the 1A today. The had to neutralize the race for about 6min as we rolled by a few bears as the tourist cars were stacked up on the road making for unsafe racing.  Here is the Garmin file from today. The average was 37km/hr even with the 6min rolling slowly in neutral and 8min after the race I was too tired to remember to turn it off!

You can follow the results day to day on or you can just ask us when you come watch the club Sat night!

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