Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bike Bag

Sarah and I are off to Italy for the month of July but I am short a bike bag.  I need a larger one such as a EVOC as I have an integrated seat post.  If anyone has one they would be willing to loan out it would be greatly appreciated.  They may also be a nice bottle of wine from Italy in it for you! :)



Clarence Poon said...

...have a great time in italy you two !


Trev said...

Harley, Brenda just texted me that she has a good one you can borrow. Also, I have an EVOC as well you can borrow, so you can now take two bikes! :)


Dan Alboiu said...

I have a big bag that clamps on to the seatpost. Serverd me well in Penticton. You can also borrow that.
I can bring it out Thursday night, if we get together for a ride.

Dan A.

MattJ said...

Harley, I have a hard shell Scicon box you are welcome to borrow. It fits my Ridley Noah with an integrated seat post and so should work for your bike. Let me know.

Harley Borlee said...

thanks everyone for the responses! Greatly appreciated!


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