Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Great skills session last night, the WNS, and the club is in full swing!

We had a good turn out for the skills session last night in North Glenmore park. The mosquitos had also heard  of the meeting and were out in force. This may not have been a bad thing though, as it limited me from talking to much and got us riding right away! It was great to meet some new members and touch base with others I hadn't seen in awhile.

I had a good question this morning from a new club mate that was at the skills session and excited to keep progressing. He wants to get his feet wet in an event, but do it gradually. My answer to this question is almost always, 'Try out the Wednesday Night Series'. It is full of supportive cyclists that want nothing other than to have an evening filled with a safe fun training session. The only thing the WNS doesn't have is a mandatory beer stop for the group at a pub on the way home. I am still lobbying for that. (Wildrose Brewery, time to make a comment here !!)

If you are a veteran of the WNS, please ensure you approach any new faces and make them feel welcome and answer any questions they have. Cycling can be a somewhat intimidating sport to crack into (especially if you roll to a stop in the shade of one of Tom Kenny's quads) so do your sport and your club a service and ensure anyone that has enough guts to show up feels welcome.

There is a ton going on with the club now:  Thomas' Fat Tire Tues tonight, Mike Healy's deviously crafted mini-Giro for the WNS on Wed, and Harley's super popular Thursday Night Skills. This is all before the Devon Grand Prix this weekend.

As always, if you don't see something that appeals to you, or that is convenient for you to attend, POST YOUR OWN RIDE!!


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