Saturday, June 15, 2013

What the what? STC crushing the crits in Banff !!

It's a super weekend so far of racing. Lots of STC club mates going hard! Photos will be up soon!

Tonight in the criterium Lawrence Zalasky WON the Cat5 crit with Mark Michalski getting 4th!!  Super results.

Another phenomenal result is Marc Enter getting 2nd in the Cat1/2 criterium. This is such an amazing feat! Marc is now high on GC in the Cat1/2 stage race. It is up to the rest of his team (us) to support him through the road race tomorrow. We will do everything we can to help him out and maintain his position.

I will post my Garmin files as soon as I stop shaking from the crit!



Tom said...

Woah! Well done!

Reinier Paauwe said...

Congrats Lawrence and Marc!! Way to represent!

cyclingphysio said...

40 Km in 45 minutes for the Cat 1/2 = 53km/h average for the race. Many laps +60. Way hard.

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