Monday, June 10, 2013

Race wheels and Race Kit for Banff's Saturday Time Trial.

Club, read the post below first. In addition to that, I have several club skinsuits for the Time Trial for club members and lots of jerseys. We have 3 skinsuits to loan out so you look a little cooler at the race. If you are new to the club and don't have a jersey or skinsuit to race in, I am sure we can get one for you for the race. Just leave a comment here and I will arrange it.

I will bring all my race wheels for Saturday morning and we will have the Speed Theory tent up. Bring your trainer and your bike to warm up under and around the tent. I will have a ton of race wheels there for members if they want to try them. I don't race until the Cat2's go so I can even lend the one's I am using out to a Cat5 since they will be done before I start.

So, if you are new to the club, try to make it out for Friday night's get together, but if you can't, come to the race start on Saturday morning and look for the Speed Theory tent. Bring your bike trainer and hook up your bike and start warming up. I will ask the Cat3's and the Cat2's to give you a hand preparing and helping with mounting race wheels.



Ryan Kennedy said...

Friday night is supposed to be a romantic night with my wife... but I'll try and make it. :)

mikehealy said...

I have my Zipp clincher disc wheel if anyone wants to borrow it after I'm done with it in Cat 5. Anyone except Carson that is :)

aztrpt said...

Will the tent be up to warm up for the prologue today?

Trev said...

No, everyone is getting there at different times. Most of us usually warm up in the underground parking lot of the Ptarmigan so we are covered. Come over there and lay out your rollers or your trainer!


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