Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tour de France Pool !! It's local and it's fun.

Kyle Marcotte has hosted his TdF Pool every year for like the last 8 years. It is fun and is quite simple to participate. It looks like there is a lot to do, but it is actually really easy.

For me, it is extremely easy because I choose Jens Voigt to win every stage. I also choose him to come second and third in the same stages. He is THAT good.

I usually put two teams in, one for me and one for Marilyn. I spend a lot of time carefully analyzing my picks for my team and then choose the high odds team for Marilyn. Both of them usually finish very close to the back of the pack!?

Below are the details copied from Kyle's site. I encourage you to put your hat in the ring and put in a team or two. It makes the Tour and July even more fun.

This pool is for ANYBODY, not just Kyle's friends, or STC members, or cyclists. Several people put in teams on behalf of their dogs. No one has ever put in a team for a cat though. The proceeds go to Blaine's MitoCanada charity which is a great reason to enter multiple teams.


2013 Tour de France Pool

This contest used to be run to raise money for the endowment fund for the Jason Lapierre Scholarship. Since we have reached our endowment fund goal we are looking for a new organization to raise funds for. 100% of the entry fees will still be going towards MitoCanada. Previous TdF pool winner James Davison is picking up the rains and running the pool this year.  I'll be helping out where I can.

Simple rules (from the spreadsheet entry form)...
-Submit your excel spreadsheet with picks to James Davison (jsdaviso at before 8:59am Saturday June 29th.
-You can enter multiple teams (Cost is $20 for your first team, $15 for your second, $10 for your third, $10 for 4th, 5th 6th... per household) 
-Results are final after each stage (so no drug overturn of results). Points schedule is listed below. Ties are divided by the number of stage wins, then stage points, then a coin toss.
-Trash talking is encouraged. 

Please use the spreadsheet to fill out your entries (link below) as it makes organizing the contest a lot easier.
(click on the down arrow to download to excel)

-Individual stage points: 1st - 25 points 2nd - 20 points 3rd - 15 points
-Yellow Jersey points: 1st - 150 points 2nd - 100 points 3rd - 75 points
-Green Jersey points: 1st - 100 points 2nd - 75 points 3rd - 50 points
-Polka dot Jersey points: 1st - 50 points 2nd - 40 points 3rd - 30 points
-Team placing: 1st - 50 points 2nd - 40 points 3rd - 30 points
-Yelow, Green, Polka dot and Team points are only awarded once at the end of stage 21 (but they will be updated so that you can see the swing as the race progresses).
(see last year's table above as an example)

The points will be updated as much as possible (hopefully after each stage) and posted on:

Again, all proceeds will be donated to MitoCanada.  The pool winner will be receiving a tax receipt for the entire amount donated.  More prizes will be given out as prizes become available (donated).

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Ryan Kennedy said...

My cat loves the TdF.

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