Sunday, June 23, 2013

STC Devonstating in the north

Alan in the last 50 meters of the killer HC. 
What a great weekend for STC in Devon. Lawrence Zalasky blew out of Cat 5 with a bang winning the... well actually it would be easier to mention the events he didnt win. Needless to say he bagged the GC! But only after.... and get this... STC went 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the Road Race!!! When has that happened before? And before you ask - yes, there were other competitors in the race.. fully stacked teams no less!

The Cat 2's went into the crit in an attacking position needing to make up ground after the prologue. Trev worked like a plough horse and our resident tactician - Dave Holmes - shut down anything with a pulse. We managed to walk away with 2nd but got more time bonus' than the rest and went into the road race 2nd in the GC. For the RR the cat 2's were combined with the Cat 3's which was the cha-ching moment for us Cat 2 boys - our team just got 25% larger. (Trev was busy qualifying for World Masters Tri in Edmonton) Harley shut down some early breaks - ERTC's morning brief must have gone something like this... "Attack. Often." Dave Holmes bore the brunt of the work load throughout the race selectively shutting down anything of importance and more importantly leaving breaks doomed to fail, out there to cook themselves to a crisp. His efforts cost him on the final climb and left the bunch with his parting words to Reinier - "if I get separated here... cover all the breaks". Reinier later expressed his frustration at how so few words could impart such an onerous workload. Didnt matter. On the final 10k Reinier was imperative in securing what was to be a stage win and the overall GC for myself. Booyah!
Tom spinning up the last meters of the HC.

In some less nice news Michael Waldhuber was clean taken out in the Crit which cost him some bark and his collarbone. Fortunately he's in good spirits - maybe thats just the T3's doing their thing. All the best in your recovery Mike.


[Editor:] It must be said that Lawrence, Alan, and Mark all will be racing Cat 4 next event! Great work guys!

[Editor:] Michael, from the points in the HC, moved up from Cat 3 to Cat 2!


Reinier Paauwe said...

Great racing all, Devon GP is definitely a great event in a great cycling community!

Here are some pics of the Cat 2/3 and Cat 5 teams after the RR today:

Cat 2/3

Cat 5

Chuck J said...

Congratulations guys, great racing!

AlanO said...

Great Work Team.

Lawrence Zalasky said...

Congrats to Mark for the GC, and all of the team for helping achieve that. It was an awesome weekend of racing. I think we showed those northerners how we do things down here.

Personally, I think I was happier to hear that Alan and Mark also upgraded than I was with my own results. It was great racing with them (and our General, Tom K) and now we can keep it going in Cat 4!

MikeW said...

Just wanted to say thanks to the team for looking after me after the crash. Especially Tom who took me to the hospital and Reinier for looking after me. I'd still be laying there if not for you guys!

Thomas said...

Nice work fellas!

Harley Borlee said...

It's great to see the hard work and big efforts you guys put in pay off. Truly inspirational! Congrat's Lawrence, Alan, Michael and Mark on your upgrades! Keep it going!

Also job well done for Lawrence and Mark E for top GC! You guys rock.

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