Monday, June 10, 2013

Banff Bike Fest is almost here !!

STC group in the Crit!
Team, this coming weekend is one of the biggest in terms of Alberta cycling! Hopefully a lot of you have registered for several of the races. I really encourage you to at least register for the Time Trial on Sat.  The City of Banff does a great job of this event. The 'Queen Stage' of this event is the Criterium on Saturday evening. The City closes down a two block course completely right in downtown Banff and races go all evening.

Jenn Joss powering out of a corner
There is a really fun kids event before the adults take over the streets and I really encourage parents to bring out their kids and put them in at 3:00pm for the event. It is like $5 and crazy fun for the little riders. Jaya (my daughter) did it last year on training wheels and had a blast.

If you are not planning on racing, for sure plan to come Sat evening to cheer on your clubmates. Even if you don't know a lot of cyclist in the club, the race is VERY spectator friendly and exciting. Our own Mike Godfrey is announcing, so it will have a high quailty commentary broadcast through the streets so you can learn the rules and understand the excitement.

Thomas looking cool under fire!
Last year we had a big club get together in one of the local restaurants where the club covered drinks and appetizers for everyone and their partners. Let's do that again! I would love to meet a bunch of you I haven't met yet. Friday evening at Boston Pizza at 6pm.  Beer and Appetizers are on the club for all members and their partners!! Meet here at 6pm.  If you are coming to Banff to cheer on the club and are not racing, make sure to come to this as well. This is NOT a racer only event. Kids are welcome as well, but we're not buying them beer!


MikeW said...

Nice. What evening do you think we'll do the team dinner? I'd like to get a sitter for that night. I think it was Friday last year.

Trev said...

Yes, I think we'll do Friday. It makes sense since a lot of people are staying over night to do the ITT in the morning. Let's do that.


Tom said...

Looking for a roomy on Friday night.
Non-snorers /non-spooners need only apply.

Tom said...

Looking for a roomy on Friday night.
Non-snorers /non-spooners need only apply.

cyclingphysio said...


I have space Friday night at Ptarmigan inn. text me if you'd like at 403-eight15-five725


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