Friday, April 22, 2011

TnT Review

See me ride out of the sunset
On your colored TV screen
Out for all that I can get
If you know what I mean
Amy to the left of me
Harley to the right......

Great turnout last night. We had 13 riders brave the cooler temperatures to take an easy pedal out around Church Ranches and Lochend Road.

It was great to meet Jeff, Amy, David and Simon for the first time and get a ride in. We worked on riding single file, group riding, hand signalling. The group also worked on yelling at me as I took every wrong turn.

I think that was the biggest ride I have seen in the last few years for sure, great turnout.

Rob and I had some fun little sprint sessions on the road, he looks to be in super form even with the new baby in the house, he's not tired at all. I didn't know that Darcy was so good at blocking. Get up to Cat 4 dude, I need your help!!!

Thanks for coming everyone and hope that we can all hook up next week.

Slayer Dan


Robert said...

That was fun Dan. See ya's next week.

David B said...

Thanks to all helping run it.
See you Thursday.

DarcyG said...

Lockie gave me the hairy eyeball after that move...

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