Monday, April 11, 2011

Introducing 'Thursday night Training'! TnT is starting this week!

OK, this is great news. A group of experienced club members have gotten together to commit to offering ALL members of the club a regular evening of training. We have chosen Thursday so you don't have to miss the Tues night Crits or the Wed Night Race series.

Who is this ride for?: All STC members, but will focus on Women/Cat5/Cat4.

What is this ride for?: This ride will focus on practical road skills to make you a competent, safe, aggressive, smart bike rider and racer. This ride won't be all skills (a lot of standing around), it will be designed so that most Cat5/Women would still get a solid ride in but will get invaluable direction from experienced riders.

Who is putting this ride on: Slayer, Mike 'DJ' G., Handsome Rob, Matt J., Thomas Y., and Darcy G. and any other club member who would like to use this as a great way to teach your teammates how to race!

Where: SpyHill Walmart parking lot. The South West corner of Walmart's parking lot. It is huge and empty usually.

When: 6:45pm every Thursday. Rolling out of the parking lot at 6:45pm.

Stipulations?: There is no rain/hail/100km/hr winds forecast. It is over 5 degrees.

What you need to bring?: Motivation, a willingness to learn, a safe bike, and a desire to get better.


kingstrup said...

Slayer, Mike 'DJ' G., Handsome Rob, Matt J., Thomas Y., and Darcy G. - Thanks for putting this out there. I am IN as this starts in the NW which is easier access than the Wednesday night series for any riders living in the North. Will watch the weather on Thursday. Cancellation notices via the ST website?

Cheers, Keith I

james said...

Hi - I am new to Calgary and am thinking of joining a cycling club. I am a relative competent rider, comfortable enough with 100+km rides and race a little half-iron dist tris, so I can find my way around a bike. Would this be a suitable place to start off - to meet the club members and get in a nice training spin?
Thanks - James.

colombia es pasion said...

Hey guys, Thursday nights have been very helpful, I'm getting to know a lot about group rides, Thank you for your help and support,

Andres P.

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