Friday, April 8, 2011

Volunteer call for Prairie-Roubaix

We need about 10 - 12 dedicated volunteers for the PR this year.

We need 2 flaggers at each of the 4 corners, 2 at the finish line manning the cameras, 2 volunteers for volunteer care (letting flaggers get to toilets and feeding them). The flaggers can double as registration helpers until we shut it down.

Flagger/Registration (8am - ~noon):
1.) Doug J.
2.) Willow J.
3.) Darcy G.
4.) Andy H.
5.) Rob W.
6.) Alan
7.) Alan's daughter's
8.) Rui R.
9.) Eric W.
10.) Loretta M.

Finishline cameras (8:30am - ~noon):
1.) Carlos S.
2.) Dennis B.

Volunteer Care (8:30am - ~noon):
1.) Derek J.
2.) Jason B.
3.) Marilyn T.

We need 4 volunteers pre-race to lay out all the signs and sweep the bad corners (Glendale to Lochend, and Willow Way to Township Road 262). These volunteers can still race. (8:00am - 8:30am)
1.) Thomas Y.
2.) Marcy K.
3.) Mike H.
4.) Mike G.

It would be awesome to have a motor biker again with a friend on the back to video the race pro style. Anyone? (8:45 - ~noon)

Please comment on this post with what spot you would like and your name. I will fill you in here. Then email me (at the club's email address) with your cell number. You DO NOT need to be an STC member to volunteer !!


Doug said...

Hi Trev,

My daughter and myself will be flaggers.

Doug J, and Willow

DarcyG said...

I can help out with registration, flagging, or at the finish line, wherever I'm needed most.

Darcy G

Trev said...

We will put Willow flagging racers into Willow Way !! Thanks Doug and Willow.


Doug said...

That is perfect Trev, she will get a blast out of that for sure, and a real photo opp, for myself.

Doug J.

Carlos said...

I'll volunteer. Put me wherever you need me.


RobWoolley said...

I can help with Flagging / Registration

Trev said...

Rob... I thought you had died ?!?! Good to hear from you!


Dennis said...

I can be a flagger, flagger relief, or finish line camera.

You can ask Ryan if he wants to volunteer for race video coverage - his dual-purpose BMW is perfect for the course. If you need a person on the back, I can volunteer with my digital camera (in video mode) and then help out with the finish line after. Could also use the GoPro HD on the bike, although without zoom it's sometimes hard to make everyone out as we saw at the dt crit last year.

Anonymous said...

I'll be a sweeper before the race,

AlanO said...

Myself and my two daughters(9 and 12yo)can be flaggers.

Rui said...

Hey Trev,

I can come out and help flag. Put me down as a volunteer.

Derek said...

Hi Trev,

I will be able to volunteer for the race, I am good anywhere.

Derek Jobson

Jason B said...

I can be a flagger or what ever is needed.
Jason B

Eric said...

Hey Trev,

Put me where you need help. Thanks!


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