Thursday, April 28, 2011

TnT #2 - Bad Weather Riding


I am looking at the weather right now and see it as an opportunity to show my total disregard for Mother Nature and her constant abuse of Alberta Cycling.

Planning to leave from Royal Oak Walmart at 6:45, and follow the same loop as last week with less wrong turns and unnecessary stops.

I will be watching the weather and if it gets really ugly, I'll take out my mountain bike.

Hope to see some people out tonight.

Slayer Dan


DarcyG said...

You enjoy that, Dan. I think I'm going to settle down and watch the Nashville/Vancouver game.

David B said...

As of right now I am out (there is a blizzard outside my window..)Hit the trainer instead...Stupid Mother Nature

Harley Borlee said...

Hey Dan, i'm in. See ya there at 6:45.

Robert said...

Dan - I should be there. Crush the cold.

David B said...

OK, stopped being as crazy out, I'm back in.

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