Friday, April 15, 2011

Prairie Roubaix II ..... and the damn weather.

Well guys, now with the ITT cancelled, we are in the spotlight as to our decision. I have asked our little team for some input but personally I think the weather forecast has been changing by the hour and it would be a shame to cancel too early. I know people want to race and I know we aren't all made of sugar. The only reason we would cancel is if it is dangerous or a strain on our volunteers.

If it is just cold out... we can race.
If it is just wet out... we can race.
If it is just cold and wet out... we can race.

If it is icy or snowy ON the roads... we can't race.

We will make the call late Saturday night. One of us will go out and drive the course in the evening and then we'll see if the weather system has rolled in or not.


UPDATE: Tom has booked his community center and thought it would be at least 'a different alternative' that IF the race is canceled, we can all go to the community center and have a huge multi-club hard spin. Keep checking this space though, as this will be a last case scenario.

Update (I just got a call from the Porta-Pottie dude... they are being delivered right now)


Jared Green said...

Unfortunately, I am out east in Nova Scotia and cannot make the race.

However, after a little digging around, I found out that the Wolfville Roubaix is taking place this Sunday. This totally justifies dragging my bike out here.

I hope the weather pulls together in Calgary so the PR happens.


MelodyS said...

Are 'cross bikes allowed?

Cesar Martin said...

I am game for it no matter what. Isn't it the idea of spring series ride in wet and cold weather??

Cesar Martin said...
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Kel said...

Jeff and I were out on the course today, it's actually fine, wasn't really any snow/ice on the course, it was just unbelievably cold. The climb on lochend was bone dry, but we'll see how mother nature holds up.

Zuzana said...

Jared - what did you think of the east coast version? Heard the winds and rain were making it a proper Roubaix. I moved here from Halifax this winter.

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