Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prairie-Roubaix II, Parking and other details (Important please read)

We would love this race to become the monument of spring classic racing in Alberta. The course is awesome and the atmosphere is contagious. Rocky View county has given us official permission and we would like to really show we can hold an exciting, safe event that they welcome back year after year. We appreciate the opportunity to show the County we can do it right this year.

As for parking for the event. There will be NO PARKING inside or on the race loop. I have constructed a map of suitable parking areas. If you come upon one and it is getting to
the point you think there are too many cars, move to the next one. Or, a better option, get your team/buddies to meet in the Walmart parking lot in Royal Oak and ride out while psyching yourself up to hammer! That is the best option, and you can see the included map from the Walmart to the registration. 20km warmup and cooldown...perfect.

We have confirmed Porta-Potties that will be by registration and we will have a tent there to store extra clothes. If it is raining, the tent will have sides on it so your gear stays dry.

We plan to have 3 tables for registration this year so it moves more smoothly. One for Cat A, Cat B, and Cat C/Women. If we have enough women, we will start them in their own heat. Women can race in whatever Cat they want though. So if you are a women that wants to race Cat B, then simply sign up for that Cat. You don't need to arrive super early. Plan to be at the registration tables at 8:30am and you will be golden. We won't start the race without you unless you are really late.
Registration will be obvious. If you are heading north on the gravel of Glendale road, it will be on the left hand side. A flagger will be there indicating where to go.

You need to have ID and if you have it, bring your ABA race license.

Lastly, the Crankmasters are holding the Acme TT the day before. Please support this race with your attendance. There are too few races lined up this season to be picky, support the organizers that are giving you this opportunity.

Volunteers: You may drive to the registration.

See you at the race!

Below you can zoom in to the map and see exactly how to get to the race from the Walmart parking lot.

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