Monday, April 11, 2011

Clarification on jerseys for Prairie-Roubaix!!

I have heard that some teams have been scrambling trying to find their new members jerseys for the Prairie-Roubaix. That is great, but not required. I would not want a racer not showing up because they can't get a team jersey! This race is supposed to be all inclusive (with ABA race license or STC or Cranky membership), so even if you only have an MEC generic light blue jersey, come out and race!

As for STC we won't be getting our jerseys until April 24th and we are expecting a huge new racer contingent from our club. So a lot of us won't have proper team jersey either!

So, in summary: Wear your team jersey if you have them. If you don't, wear anything.



Dennis said...

Can I wear my mtb bike armour?

Just kidding... I won't be racing.

Ryan O'Hara said...

Is this race happening rain/snow or shine?

I'm heading down tonight so hopefully it is!

Greg Nicholson said...

Yeah.. forecast says 2-4cm of snow. CX bikes with knobby tires? Or cancelled?

Trev said...

We have committed to the porta-potties and the ambulance, this race is a Spring Classic, it is supposed to be challenging conditions.

Unless it is dangerous, this race is a 'go'.


Greg Nicholson said...


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