Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pre-Roubaix ITT announcement from the Crankmasters. *UPDATE

Cancelled Pre-Roubaix 20/40 ITT, Saturday April 16, Acme AB
This race has been CANCELLED by the race organizer.
The weather forecast indicates that the road conditions would most likely be unsafe for the participants and the volunteers.
We hope to re-schedule this race for another date.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Calgary Crankmasters
Race Organizer.

"Pre-Roubaix ITT - the decision to run the ITT will be made at noon on Friday April 15th. Currently the weather forecast for Acme on Saturday is not good however lets give it one more day to make the decision. Please check back Friday at noon for the final decision. Thanks, Race Organizers"

The Crankmasters website is here.


Lockie said...

I'm crossing my fingers it happens, but if not, UCC??

Dennis said...

We could always race with knobbies

Charles said...

Cyclocross bike with knobbies and TT clip on bars

Clarke E said...

Dennis said...

clip-ons on a mountain bike... haha awesome.

According to the C4 website it's been cancelled. Boo. It was the right call though.

Charles said...

Shucks - now I have to allocate / justify the cost of buying a TT bike over (number of TT races per summer MINUS one race)

Francis said...

drove out there - roads were dry and not snowing but there was a cool stiff east wind - I believe there is only one mile facing east?

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