Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Penticton Camp Update: Day 6 and Day 7 – BRING YOUR PASSPORT!!!!

We’re rushing the border and it’s going to be awesome. Day 6 is hill repeat day. I know- every other day has at least one substantial hill, (or two, or three, or…) but you get to do repeats on this one. This day is Giant’s Head day. Giant’s head is a hill in Summerland that’s steep and tight with lots of switch backs. There’s one hill near Calgary that equals the steep grade of Giant’s head, but it’s about 95 per cent shorter (you can find it in Cochrane at the bottom of Cochrane hill in the neighbourhood at the base of the hill and next to a playground). We’ll do three or four repeats and then head out behind Summerland to the Scout camp and back. The ride is short (70ish km). The other option is to do Giant’s Head once (or not at all) and then head to the local coffee shop and wait for the hill repeat wackos to finish.

Day 7 is 225ish km and it takes us across the US border south of Osoyoos. “They” will not let you cross the border without a passport, so bring it. Pack it now. Seriously, stop reading, go find it, and pack it now. Don’t forget it. The challenging thing about this ride is the distance and historically, the wind. It never fails to hit what feels like a 40km head wind from the time we turn north. Everyone sticks together across the US border and as we travel south through the US. But after we turn around and head back north there’s only one road that leads back to Canada, and then everyone’s on their own until the Canadian border, where we regroup. There are some options for the short ride on this trip: (1) join the longer ride down to Osoyoos and then head back, (2) ride the Ironman course backwards (3) head up Green Mountain Road from Penticton and then do the Apex climb if you didn't do it on Day 3.

We got two weeks until lift off, so get on your bikes. Try to get a couple 100km-days of riding logged in a row with one of those days over 130km. If you can get three days logged in a row, even better. The next post will be a list of stuff to have on you during each ride and a recap of the seven days with Maps attached.

Day 6 Ride - Giants Head (FYI, the map doesn't show Giant's Head)

Day 7 Ride - US Ride (Bring your $%!@#&'in Passport!)

Day 7 Ride - Apex Climb (straight up, straight down)


Kyle Marcotte said...

HEy Ryan, for those of us totally out of the loop, what day is Day 6 & 7?

Ryan said...

Dates with ride title:

Day 1 - Sunday, May 15 (Anarchist)
Day 2 - Monday, May 16 (Naramata Bench/Chute Lake)
Day 3 - Tuesday, May 17 (Ironman/Apex)
Day 4 - Wednesday, May 18 (The Wall/White Lake Road)
Day 5 - Thursday, May 19 (Mt. Baldy)
Day 6 - Friday, May 20 (Giant's Head)
Day 7 - Saturday, May 21 (US)

Full Calendar