Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Penticton Camp – Day 4 and Day 5 rides

After Day 3 your legs are going to start to feel, if not already, pretty beat up. The Ironman Course is hard enough, let alone adding Apex at the end. The Apex climb is only 11km but you’re lucky if you can top 10km/hr at any point during the climb. Day 4 is a bit shorter and takes us into some fun territory up behind Okanagan Falls that includes a “mine-is-bigger-than-yours” climb called The Wall. The short and long ride will stay together for most of the day with the long ride heading up The Wall a second time after both groups loop back to Okanagan Falls via White Lake Road and Oliver. The short ride will head back to Pentiction via Skaha Road. The key to this day is recovery. Obviously, we’ll all nail The Wall as there are a lot of egos and pride at stake, but before and after this climb, we’ll take it easy.

Day 5 is the second big day of the week for distance and effort. The short and long ride will stick together up the long, switch back road to Mount Baldy ski hill from Oliver, but the short ride will turn back at the gravel. The short ride is an out-and-back but feel free to add anything you want once you get back down the hill. The long ride keeps climbing up the gravel road to the Mt. Baldy ski hill. It’s not pretty and the gravel takes a bit to get used to, especially on the descent, but you get to climb up Anarchist from the other side and coast down into Osoyoos. Ask Paul A. how he did soloing this ride.

Day 4 Long Ride: The Wall/White Lake Road/Oliver/The Wall/Area 51 129km

Day 4 Short Ride: The Wall/White Lake Road/Oliver 90km

Day 5 Long Ride: Mount Baldy Ski Hill/Osoyoos 180km

Day 5 Short Ride: Mount Baldy Climb to gravel road 110km

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