Friday, April 29, 2011

TnT #2 Bad Weather Ride Review


Last night we met for night #2. Excellent turnout with some hard hittin' fellas. Rob W, Andres, David, Patrick, Darcy, Mike Healy, Ference, Harley, and myself made it out. We got the group organized right out of the parking lot and hit the road straight into the wind to Church Ranches. The wind was pretty gusty and it was great practice to the newer riders on drafting for the first 40 minutes. The group was working hard to stay together and get shelter in the wind.

It was really cool to hear David realize how much protection he was getting from the wind when he was practicing drafting. I think some of us take that skill for granted and when practiced, it really does make a difference. The point not to overlook is, PRACTICE.

We got out to Woodland Road and had a mini race with the group splitting into 3 groups. This was pretty fun to try and set up really small echelons and chase other guys down. Darcy and I took Andres up the hill in the crosswind and then mistimed the a right hand corner and lost our 3rd rider. We ended up finishing at least a minute in front of Rob W, maybe longer, all because of the ferocious pace we set as the lead group. As we were only 2 we have to concede the victory to the next group, which I never noticed, sorry guys. It was an excellent idea from Rob W to try it, hopefully that is something that we can incorporate into more rides.

We then carried on to Lochend Road and back to Walmart. The group did really well to stay together and practice drafting. Rob was pretty fiesty again and sprinted every chance he could. He's in pretty good form, hopefully the rest of us can catch him in the next few weeks.

Harley had an excellent idea for the next ride, weather permitting. We are going to plan a Cochrane and back loop and each rider must take a pull at the front. The pace can be dictated by the group, but each member in the train has to take a pull. I think this will be excellent for riders to practice rolling through, pulling off and letting someone else pull etc. etc.

Thanks again everyone for coming out, it was lots of fun. The weather did hold off and it was definitely worth getting out.

Slayer Dan


Robert said...

Just praticing my leadouts for you Dan.

DarcyG said...

I'll take the blame for the blistering pace at the first turn. Sorry about that...

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