Thursday, April 21, 2011

TnT Ride #1 - I'm Dynamite


I am planning on riding tonight, the forecast looks good enough for me.
Meet at the agreed upon start time at Walmart. I am thinking that we could head out from Walmart to Church Ranches, Church Ranches to Burma Road, Burma to Woodland, Woodland back to 1A and then come back to Walmart through Royal Oak.

Not sure how many people are planning to come, this is the first night of the training rides and our focus should be group riding with proper hand signals, pacelining and riding single file as well as rolling through. It would also be good to just play around and have people getting their drinking bottles with their left hands while riding etc. etc.

As far as pace goes, I am thinking recovery pace or above, have fun on the hills with an emphasis on rider safety, rider safety and then more rider safety.

If we have a good group and want a few more kilometers we can decide that on the road. I just got a text from Harley and he wants to make sure that lots of the new lady riders come out. I think he is putting a challenge in to Handsome Rob for the best looking guy on the team.

I think I am winning the most beligerent, overweight, and obnoxious rider at this point.

Hope to see you out tonight,

Slayer Dan


Simon said...

I'm in, see everyone there.

Jeff Ng said...

i'm gonna try and make it out too!

Robert said...

I'll be the most sleep deprived but I'll be riding up there for 6:45 from Silver Springs

Clarke E said...

Sweet, I'll see what the misses I might be there.

David said...

I'll be there.

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