Saturday, June 23, 2007

CrankMasters bounce back...just a little!!!

Well another hard day of racing but we did better today than yesterday.

The TT came first. Strong head winds and a rolling coarse made the 16.5km route challenging.
I ended up in 18th place and Mike was 28th out of 66 riders.

The fast...with the wide streets we were hitting the turns in the low 40's!!!
I finished with the bunch and Mike was popped off the back with three laps to go. We both stayed up-right so the race was a success.

James in 36th place
Mike in 37th place

Thanks for the support guys it really helps.

The big one tomorrow....160km of pain.


Trev said...

Good luck guys. Let us know how is turns out as soon as you can.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the spirits and pressure boys. Sounds like quite a race - can't wait to hear about the last stage.


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