Monday, June 18, 2007

Devon Stage Race and Training Rides

Well Team, the Devon stage race is upon us. With a Hill Climb and Crit on Saturday and a TT on Sunday this should be a good chance for some of our crew to pick up points. At this point, post a comment if you're racing this weekend so we can set up some strategy (via encrypted email). As well, I'd like open the door to some training ride suggestions for the week. I think some hills and perhaps a TT ride would be good (we also have the Team Time Trial on the horizon so we should start picking our race partners)

Lastly, a huge props to the Ryan and Alex for representing at the Crit this weekend. Also, a mad thanks to Mike and Ernie for cheering on the team. It's good to see the E-train out and about.


Rob said...

I'm in for the HC and the crit but not the TT. So this means I'm expendable during the crit so. A-Train and MikeG I'll be available for lead outs or flyers.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have company staying with us this weekend so I don't think I will be able to attend. I'm down for whatever training rides you guys want to do, whatever gets you guys ready to hammer this weekend.

If my plans change at all I will try to let you know asap.

James and Mike G are south of the border preparing for their big Elkhorn race this upcoming weekend. So they won't be available for rides.


Anonymous said...

I hope to attend one or both days, at this point the challenge is finding someone who will take my call here at the hospital.


Peter Lawson said...

Best of luck this weekend guys!!

I'll be in Edmonton this weekend to compete in the ITU World Cup Triathlon.

Trying to get a qualifying spot to World's in Hamburg!



Trev said...

I will be in Cranbrook for the Prestige Half so I will miss these too unfortunately. I think the 750m hill climb would be awesome. Talk about having to be warmed up and ready for PAIN !!


Anonymous said...

I'm in Edmonton as well at the ITU also looking for a qualifying spot for Worlds in Vancouver '08. I'm in the 50-54 age group, so Pete and I won't be competing for a slot. Pete, what age group are you in?


Peter Lawson said...

awesome Mike will you be there Fri night for the diner?

I'm competing as an AWAD (Athlete with a disability).

drop me an email and I'll give you my cell number


Peter Lawson said...

PS Good luck this weekend Trev!

Mike "Chewy" said...

I'm tempted to do the Hill climb on Saturday before Edmonton ITU. Bad idea though LOL.

Good luck this weekend Mike H. and Pete. Probably wouldn't see you guys on the bike course since I get the 8:05 start. It would be awesome to have more Speed Theory guys at the Hamburg '07 and Vancouver '08 worlds.

Good luck at wasa Lake Trev.

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