Monday, June 4, 2007

Still Foggy..........

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to say thanks!

As you know, I went down pretty hard yesterday. My collarbone is broken among other things.

Mike heal quickly, thanks for talking to me in the ambulance.

Thanks Trev, Rob and anyone else who picked up the pieces. I take great comfort in knowing we rode our plan perfectly until the last two KM.

In the words of the Governor........"I'll be back!"




Captain Kirk said...


Good to see that the 10 digits are still working! Great to hear that "you'll be back". That was one hell of a fall as I was just to the left of you when it happened.

We certainly were lined up for something special. Next time....

Back on the saddle man - Here's to a speedy recovery!

The Captain.....

mgodfrey said...

Ernie glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. For what it is worth my son broke his collarbone this fall. He was in pain for the first three days or so, after that it was just inconvenient. He was back to basketball in about 4 weeks and has no problems since.

I've heard it said you aren't really a bike racer until you go down in a race, I guess we did it up right. Damn we were lining it up beautifully! Thanks for all the strong pulls and get better soon!


Anonymous said...


Good to hear you are feeling well enough to quote Arnie! Good luck with the recovery!

Paul C

Peter Lawson said...

Hey Erine

So glad to hear you will be ok.

Heart goes out to ya mate. Keep up that strong positive attitude and you will heal up in no time!!

Mind > matter.


Trev said...

Ernie, I am not 100% positive, but I don't even think I use my collarbone for triathlon :) so don't worry about it.

If you need some help formulating a plan to get you snarling and ready for IMC from 3 weeks from now, on to the big show, let me know and we'll execute one that will have all your competitors breaking their own collarbones on purpose next year just to keep up !!


Anonymous said...

Very tough break last week, but my hats off to you for riding so well and so hard. I went down at Pigeon Lake last year, but got away with just a separated shoulder and some rib damage. You got it way worse - but you are way tougher than me.
When you are ready to get back on the bike, let's all work together to get in shape and ready to race again.
Sorry I wasn't there with you guys last week, but I'll pull you back in the mix at the next race.


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