Monday, June 25, 2007

Devon Cat 5 Race Report

Ok, I want to keep this short due to Pete's Awesome ITU race report below.

This weekend I snuck up to Devon for the Devon Grand Prix hosted by Juventus. First off, Juventus did a great job and it was a riot. I only competed in the Hill Climb and Crit but this race is a must for us next year. The crit is flat, fast and wicked fun while the hill is short, steep and perfect for power climbers.

The HC was decent, I managed to finish 7th in Cat5. The Crit was good times. Without any backup I resorted to lurking for a few laps before launching a nasty acceleration to drive the pace up and help out the local favourite Austin. Austin may be the only person I have met to race in a t-shirt and aviators but he was wicked fast. After that I fell off and pulled for the chase pack until I was lapped.

I think Frank and Steve may have hammered out the ITT on Sunday but I was happily sleeping in.


Anonymous said...

Good Job this weekend Rob!

Was the hill climb pretty tough? The 12% that they were advertising would have been something to see.
I wish I could have went with you.


Anonymous said...

Good work representing in Dev! How did it compare with the cranky HC? Talk to you soon,


Rob said...

Well, the Elbow HC was 10x longer Devon was very very short. 750m to be exact. I think the A-Train could have killed everyone. I actually had to dodge my 30s guy (who was the nicest dude ever) so it was steep but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I think Edworthy is nastier.

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