Friday, June 22, 2007

CrankMasters POP under pressure!!!!!

After what started as a great race with perfect positioning and stealth like riding both Mike and I popped just after the feed zone. The heat (90 degrees+) just took it's toll as well as the surprize attack through the feed zone that we were unable to counter. We picked up people on our way back and made a vain attempt to rejoin the group but it soon became appearant that wasn't going to work and our small group fell apart. We did our best to limit our losses but any hopes of the GC are out the window as Mike finished in 37th place 17:39 down and I finished in 39th place 20:52 back. We are baffled as to how a race could fall apart so fast when everything was going so well in the beginning!!

So now we are on the hunt for stage wins, the TT and Crit are being held tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Tough luck guys. Keep your heads up and keep fighting you've got all of our support behind you. Just stay postive, you are both extremely strong riders.

Good luck the rest of the weekend.


Frank W said...

Keep fighting! The race is four stages, not one so you still have 75% of the race left to go. There is lots of racing left!!


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