Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Trev CRUSHES competition

Trev, we missed hereing about your Prestige Half Ironman.

Thought the Team should know that Trev absolutely CRUSHED the field at Prestige Half Ironman.

Swim: 32:32 (I heard he hasn't been swimming much - that's awesome - 13th overall)
Bike: 2:17:29 (Fastest bike time by 10 minutes - if distance was correct 40 km/hr pace)
Run: 1:22:43 (Second fastest overall - 6:30 min/mile pace - I'm still trying to run a 10k at that pace)
Total 4:12:43.3
Next fastest guy came in at 4:33.

Sorry guys, this is my first post - still don't know how to attach the results. They are on the Winning Time website.


Rob said...

Sweet! Thanks for posting this Carl. So Trev, anything to add?

Peter Lawson said...


Huge congrats mate!!!

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP! T-Rev you are a frigging engine.

Super fine!


Captain Kirk said...

The "Demolition Man"

Did you ever rip up the Bike and Run Trev.

Greg said...

The third place guy was pretty fit too. LOL! I gotta train more...

Trev said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I am giving credit of the win to the 20minutes every morning I spend dancing with my daughter in front of the Jolly Jumper. I have developed cat like reflexes by dancing to the Black Eyed Peas, and superiour balance and core strength when grooving to the Humpty Dance by Digital Underground.

Greg, the photos are up at TPS.

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