Monday, June 11, 2007

Tour de France Pool with proceeds going towards the Jason Lapierre Scholarship Funds

Forwarding from Kyle:

This is just an initial heads up on a Tour de France "fantasy" pool that we are going to organize with the proceeds going to the Jason Lapierre Scholarship fund.

The pool will be easy to run... i.e. there will be no day to day changing your picks so it will NOT be time consuming. All the picks will be done before the tour starts. Contest details will come.

The entry fee will be $20.

The overall winner will get a tax receipt in his or her name to the Jason Lapierre Memorial Scholarship fund made out in their name. All of the entry fees will go towards the scholarship. Also, the winner will get HUGE bragging rights which is far more important than race winnings.

I will be contacting some sponsors for product prices (e.g. Timex watches, hats, etc) which will be used for overall pool placings.

EVERYONE is welcome to join in this pool. Further details will be coming out soon. If you are interested, please let me know by leaving a comment on this (or the Tri & Bike) blog.

Editorial comment from Frank:

Trash talking is encouraged.


Anonymous said...

Contest details:

Captain Kirk said...

I'm in!

Rob said...

Oh Baby! this is going to be epic.

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