Monday, June 25, 2007

Stampede Road Race..Registration

Please read Pete's race report below, I didn't mean to overpost him so quickly.

OK guys.. our next big race is the Stampede Road Race. This will be fun as we all get to race together. It is a great opportunity for the Cat5ers to experience what racing in the upper Cats is like.

I would like to lead a few rides up there so you guys aren't under the gun in terms of terrain. I will show you guys where the attacks typically occur and show you where to be and how to avoid being spit out the back. Does this sound good? Let me know.

Go to and register, and then leave a comment here that you are signed up.

Don't be too intimidated, if you get dropped, it was still a good time and a great workout, and then take pictures for the rest of our crew still in the race.



Peter Lawson said...

I really wanted to do this but unfortunately I'm leaving for Portland OR on the 11th for 2 weeks to find a place to live.

You guys will rock it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in and signed up.


Captain Kirk said...

I'm in and registered. Like your idea on the training rides Trev.

Carl Miiller said...

I'm in on the race and on Trev's training ride.

Soccer is finally done, I've got my life back now.


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