Monday, June 4, 2007

Next Races

June 10th Crankmaster's Hill Climb. Try it, I'm sure it will be fun. Click here
June 16th Wild Roses CRITERIUM, Calgary (THIS IS NOT A TT ANYMORE)
June 23rd Devon Hill Climb and Crit
June 24th 40km TT
July 1st Madden 2-up TTT, 40km. Click here
July 1st Canada Day Criterium in Edmonton
July 15th Stampede Classic, Next big race for all Speed Theorists. Click here
July 28th Provincial TT Champs, 40km ITT, Canmore


Anonymous said...

What about the Devon Hill Climb and Criterium on June 23rd, or has this been changed/cancelled?


Trev said...

That is still there. I just didn't know who was interested. I just put down the races that I've heard people are interested in. If you want to go up and 'represent' ST up there, that would be awesome. I bet HillClimbing is your forte.

Also, I was trying to make the post tiny so as not to overshadow Rob's Rad Race Report, or better known as R to the 4.


Rob said...

I'll be hitting up the hill climb in Devon for sure, although I have no idea where my hill skills went at Pigeon lake.

I'll hit up the stampede race I think too, it's the day after my stag party so I'll be good for one hard lap then I'll drop off. :D

Captain Kirk said...


Is the Ride for Wild Roses TT on June 16th still on?

I'd like to do this as it's a 40 KM T.

Trev said...

Yes, I believe all the events posted on the ABA site are still on. Sorry guys, since I am gone for the next two weekends and racing a Half Iron on the June 23rd, I forgot to add those races. I will right now.


Peter Lawson said...

where can we sign up for the Wild Roses Crit?

Good luck on your upcoming Tri's guys

Peter Lawson said...

nm found it! :)

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