Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Round Clothing update

Our clothes have left Yuen Long, China, picked up some culture and cycling mojo in Paris, France, made a quick stop in Memphis, Tennessee to ensure we know how to get in a groove, and have just left Winnipeg bound for here. (For real)

Simon and Shelley are planning to sort all Thursday night and will have them at Speed Theory (the store) by Friday afternoon. DON'T GO TO THE STORE until I post HERE that they are there!

Thank you very much to Simon and Shelley, this is a big job!



AlanO said...

Let me know if you would like some help sorting Thurs eve.

Lawrence Zalasky said...

Hey Trev,

I ordered the second round, April 17th. Any idea when that order will be here?

Trev said...

Lawrence... June 7th. If yo race before then (an ABA race), just post that you need a jersey and someone will bring one.

NOTE: You can race all the WNS and the like in whatever you want to wear.


Lawrence Zalasky said...

Thanks Trev - I have an old jersey, the black and white one in the store right now. Is that cool to race?

Trev said...

You can't race in a store one at an ABA race, the cycling team has to register their race kit every year, so just post when you go to one and we'll make sure you are hooked up.


Heather Buxton said...

Do you guys need a had sorting the clothing? If so I can volunteer a couple of hours tonight. Let me know.

shelley said...

Thanks to all who offered to volunteer!

The kit looks great....thanks to Trev and Thomas!

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