Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pre-Banff Bike Fest Training - June 2 & 3

Hello STC riders, is anyone interested in doing a day or two of riding on the Banff Bike Fest courses next weekend (June 2/3)? I was hoping to get as many women out as possible and, of course, STC dudes are welcome to come. I am going to extend the invite to some of the RMCC ladies who were interested in catching up with us - we can check out the competition in the process!

Here are some ideas for rides next weekend:

Saturday, June 2. Meet at 9:30am in the Sobey's parking lot in Canmore (I will check to make sure we can leave our cars there). On our bikes and riding by 10am:
- Warm-up ride from Canmore to Banff.
-   Ride Tunnel Mtn loop, 2-3 times prologue hill climb, then ride the Minnewanka TT course.
- Besides a workout and great company, you will get to recon the prologue, Saturday TT, and Sunday road race courses.
-  This could be 2 shorter rides (morning/afternoon) or one long ride.
- Another idea for folks who still have some energy left would be to ride the Norquay ski hill road.
- Bring $$ for snacks - if there is a coffee/muffin to be had, I will be sure to schedule a break in the rides to enjoy!

Sunday, June 3. Meet at the Lake Louise shopping mall parking lot (the one with Laggins) at 10am. Ride by 10:30am. I know this seems early but the timing is similar to the race time for the Friday road race:
-          80 km road ride from Lake Louise on the 1A (recon of the Friday road race course).
-          Focus: 3-4 x 10 min big ring tempo riding with at least 10 min off in between sets.

All this being said, I can commit to the Saturday ride and am a definite "maybe" for Sunday. Work is a bit nutters right now and it's hard to predict when I need to work on the weekends. 

Please post if you are interested and committed to coming so I'll know who to look for in Canmore on Saturday morning. Hope lots of you will come!


Slayer Dan said...

Is there any room for fat guys on time trial bikes? I'll stay at back and not cause any troubles, I promise.

Or I can go to the front and just ride away!

Lelly Matthews said...

Dan, even if you are fat and ride a weird bike, it would be great if you could come ;)

Steve P said...

I'll be there for the Saturday ride, for sure. Don't know about Sunday yet.

Lawrence Zalasky said...

I've been trying to convince my spouse that she should join the club so she can ride in these, but so far have been unsuccessful. Would anyone object to her coming out on Saturday to 'see what it's like' before joining?

Thomas said...

Even though this is not my ride I will chime in on Lawrence's question. The issue with having non club members on "official" training rides such as this comes down to our insurance with the ABA. If anyone who is not a member of our club (or the ABA or any ABA affiliated club) participates in a ride such as this it will void any insurance coverage we have through the ABA. For more info on this insurance and the many other benefits we all get for being STC club members go to the Alberta Bicycling Associations website (We all get an ABA General Membership when we join the club).

Hope this helps.

Lawrence Zalasky said...

Thanks Thomas, I copied and pasted your answer word-for-word to her. Hopefully, she'll make the right decision and join the cool kids in the club.

Daryl B said...

A follow-up question to Thomas's response ...

If the person is not a member of Speed Theory but is a member of another ABA affiliated club (e.g. Spin Sisters), would that individual be able to participate in the ride?

Trev said...

Daryl, for sure. For any of our posted official training rides like this one or any in the training forum, all you need to be is a registered member of an ABA affiliated club. Spin Sisters is, so she is golden!

MattJ said...

Thanks for organizing this Lel. Jennifer and I will be there for sure on Saturday. Not yet sure about Sunday. Matt

Thomas said...

Marcy and I are in for Saturday but we are going to start in Banff. We'll meet you guys at Banff Ave and Tunnel Mtn Rd. when ever you get there.

Lawrence Zalasky said...

I'm in for Saturday, but out for Sunday (going to ride up Highwood Pass on Sunday).

Andres Perdomo said...

I WILL BE THERE for saturday ride,

James Kendal said...

Best to park at the Safeway lot which is much bigger than Sobeys.

James Kendal

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