Friday, May 4, 2012

Penticton Week Update - Insurance and Days 4 and 5

Here’s the fine print for the week in Penticton. If you are riding with us at any point during the week you need insurance. If you are a registered member of the Speed Theory Club or a registered member of the Alberta Bicycling Association, you already have insurance and passed the insurance test. If you are not registered with either of these groups, click on Spousal/Partner Temp STC Membership to purchase a $40 team membership for the week. Now for the fun part: Day 4 and Day 5.

Day 4, Wednesday, May 16, Start time 9 a.m.: 60-80km
  • Long and short ride: Giant’s Head and CampBoyd.
    • There’s a no-drop rule in effect until we get to the Giant’s Head hill in Summerland. Feel free to do as many or as little hill repeats as you wish. You can also ride to Summerland, tuck yourself into the coffee shop for an hour or so and then ride back to Penticton.  The map doesn't show the Giant's head hill.
Day 5, Thursday, May 17, Start time 9 a.m.: 90-100km
Days 6 and 7 still to come.

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