Monday, May 14, 2012

Hillside Bistro

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Fellow readers, as you know we are in the Okanagan now and our stop today was the Hillside Bistro. This charming little restaurant has been recognized as the "Best Restaurant Associated with a Winery" in BC.

Hillside Vineyard was originally an Apricot Orchard circa 1900. The Cherry trees that line the front of the property were planted in 1926. The Apricot Orchard was removed in 1984, and in 1989 the current owners were instrumental in enacting the Farmgate Winery policy that has transformed the wine industry in British Columbia.
That brings us to today. We had the opportunity to enjoy their bistro for lunch. The lower level patio is sunsoaked and while lacking a view, the setting is perfect for a sunny lunch. When the upper level opens a bit later in the year, it will likely the spot for sunset dining.

Our party ordered the daily special and the risotto (pictured below). The daily special was a delightful mix of Humbolt Squid, Yellow Perch & Clams. The meal was fabulous, as a side note the ingredients are all invasive species. So not only do they form a delicious meal when prepared by Executive Chef Rob, the removal of these invasive species helps restore the natural balance for our ingenious wildlife. When paired with Hillsides 1st year Pinot Noir offering, well the day was that much more memorable. If you have the chance to spend some time at Hillside we would highly recommend it. And make sure you try their cheesecake desert.

On another note there was something about another group doing some bicycle touring to the south. We are lead to believe that they ventured off the beaten path. Not sure why, but someone named Trevor will be reviewing (of all places) the Tim Horton's in Osoyoos.

PS the weather is amazing, wish you were here

PPS a huge shout out to the women's contingent, they have been stone cold, nails Rock Stars. Not to get all new agey, but they have all been digging deep and extending themselves. It is inspiring to see people pushing themselves inspite of nerves and taking on rides bigger and harder than anything they have ever done

PPPS if it has ever even crossed your mind to do the Penticton camp, book the time off NOW, it will be the week before the May long weekend.

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