Saturday, May 19, 2012

End of Camp club BBQ

Wow hard to believe that we have already done 7 days of riding! Terrific weather, loads of smiles and many, many miles.

We can host the part at our place # 103  - 180 McPherson Cres Link to directions to our place from Dennys. We are shooting for 7:30ish. One thing to add the best place to park is the school right on the other side of the alley (you will see it on the Google Map, it is the green space right next to Debeck Rd, it is a short walk through the alley). Parking is tight in the Crescent. We will leave a bike out on the porch so you know where we are.

The idea is that this will be a potluck, everyone brings a little something and we can have a great feast.

We will need:

Burger Buns
Beef Burger Patties
Veggie Burger Patties
Cheese slices
Drinks are BYOB

We will provide the location, the paper plates, plastic cups, paper towels & the BBQ.

If you have folding chairs probably a good idea to bring them along as well.

Please RSVP to let us know how many we have coming and use the comment section to let everyone know what you are bringing. If the item that you were planning on bringing has been taken, please bring something that hasn't been "crossed off the list". Make sense?

Looking forward to seeing you.


Emily said...

Derek and Emily are bringing a dessert!

mikehealy said...

Andrea and I will be there. We will bring desert.

mikehealy said...

ok i guess we were beaten to the desert. We will bring burger buns.

mgodfrey said...

I love it! The system is already working, It will be great to see everyone, should we get name tags, given that none of us will have helmets, or bikes with us?

SimonF said...

Shelley and I are in… bringing roasted vegetable orzo salad.

Thomas said...

Marcy and I will bring dijon and ketchup.

Emily said...

Mike, there is always room for two desserts! We will pick up an ice cream cake.f

AAR said...

I will grab some cheese slices.


Ryan said...

I'm bringing Doritos. We all deserve Doritos.

Heather Buxton said...

I will bring a green salad.

Charles said...

Ill bring Beef Burger Patties.

mgodfrey said...

Amongst about a grand worth of groceries Big Bad Brad Wolff got us Sausages.... because really you can't have a party without sausages and let's face it cycling, in general is usually a "Sausage Fest" anyway! And I quote "Wolff's bringin' the Sausage to the party" and at the risk of repeating myself it is and has been great to have so many woman here this week saving us guys from... well... you know.

Unknown said...

I am at Trev's camp having a great time, but still missing everyone there as well! Torn ... Thank you from a newbie gal for everyones fabulous support, encouragement, stories and giggles this past week ... and of course Giants Head for me! Couldn't have done it without your cheers. Wahoo! Enjoy the party tonight.

Lee said...

Thank you Charles for assisting me with my first ever flat tire on hwy 97 @ Vaseaux Lake today.

Sounds like you folks are enjoying your adventures here.

Cheers, Lee Mounsey
Osprey Orchard & Vineyard
Oliver, BC

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