Monday, May 28, 2012

Tune in to CQHR AM 770 at 8:05pm TONIGHT.

Cyclists, I just set up for Micheal Godfrey (long time Speed Theorist, professional DJ, and super club volunteer) to talk on on CQHR AM 770 for 12 - 15min about Ryder's significance on Canadian cycling and he is going to plug our Cycling Club and tell Calgarians they have the opportunity to watch high level cycling first hand at our events this summer !!

Make sure to tune in... TONIGHT at 8:05pm !!



MattJ said...


That was absolutely fantastic. Nicely done. You should get in front of the mic more often. We can see you taking over from Phil Liggett.

Matt & Jen

Steve P said...

That was wicked Mike!

Daryl B said...

Unfortunately I wasn't able to hear the interview last night. Is there somewhere I might be able to find it online?

cyclingphysio said...


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