Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Penticton Week Update – Day 6 and 7 rides

Let’s assume this will be the last post before Day 1 in Penticton. Just a reminder, Day 1 is Sunday, May 13, and we begin at 9 a.m. The ride will be approx. 160km as we’re kicking off the week with the Ironman Loop (minus the out and back). We meet at the Denny’s and Sandman Hotel parking lot for each ride. You’ll probably find a few of us meeting an hour before each ride to have breakfast at Denny’s. When deciding what riding clothes to bring, expect the weather to range from 10-25 degrees with a combination of dry and wet (just bring everything).

Day 6, Friday, May 18, Start time 7 a.m. for the long ride and the short ride can start whenever they want

  • Long ride- Reverse Ironman, plus Apex Mountain: 180km
  • Short ride- Apex Mountain: 60-70km
    • Regardless if you are doing the long ride or the short ride, we are all going to ride up Green Mountain Road from Hwy 97 in Penticton. It's a much nicer and quieter ride. 
    • Once we get to the Apex Junction, you have some choices. Climb up to Apex and call it a day, climb up to Apex and then continue with the Ironman Course in reverse, or just stick to the Ironman Course and save Apex for another day (see next Day 7 rides). Your call.  

Day 7, Saturday, May 19, Start time: 9 a.m.

  • Long/Gravel ride: Chute Lake Resort and Lost Moose Lodge
      • This one's a doozey. Last year, eight of us climbed 8km of steep gravel to Chute Lake Resort. It was fun, but it's one of the harder climbs you'll do this week. I added a new climb on Carmi Avenue up to Lost Moose Lodge. So, you do the Chute Lake climb first, come back into town, maybe have a nap or some lunch, and then hit Carmi Avenue up to Lost Moose. 
  • Short ride: Naramata Bench to the gravel and Lost Moose Lodge
    • We all leave and ride the Naramata Bench together until the gravel. You still get in both climbs with the short ride, but without the gravel climb to Chute Lake. 
  • Mine's-Bigger-Than-Your's ride: Chute Lake Resort, Lost Moose Lodge, Apex
    • Last year's Mine's-Bigger-Than-Your's ride consisted of Anarchist, Ironman Loop and Apex. This year's  Mine's-Bigger-Than-Your's ride stays closer to home, but will be equally as tough with three short, but intense climbs. Good luck with that.

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