Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday Night Series - Racing Series 2

Hi everyone. Speed Theory will be hosting the second series of races for Crankmasters WNS. They are still in the planning stages and below you will see the thoughts so far. We always encourage you to race as much as you can, this series also gives you an oportunity to give back and volunteer. Depending on the type of race I will need between 2 and 4 volunteers each Wednesday. So please comment if you can volunteer and also let me know which date.

We are open to suggestions on venues and race type so if you have any ideas please comment as well.

June 13 - road race, going to use this one
<https://maps.google.ca/maps?source=embed&f=d&saddr=Unknown+road&daddr=50.834997,-114.278906+to:Unknown+road&geocode=FcSKCAMdY-0v-Q%3BFTWuBwMdBj4w-SlbgK8OHApxUzElTXtIEU5uQA%3BFc6JCAMdl-sv-Q&hl=en&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=13&via=1&sll=50.886358,-114.273605&sspn=0.076131,0.134754&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=50.854943,-114.294891&spn=0.151714,0.291824"volunteers [Brenda, Alan O,]

June 20 - Jamie will host the 2 up sprint series that was popular last year [Rob L]
June 27 - Mini Giro around Leighton Centre, featuring mini Mortirolo and mini Stelvio, 4 volunteers [Lesley]
July 4 - Looking for a 6.4 km HC sort of like the TDF prologue uphill, 2 volunteers [Marc Enter]
July 11 - 40 k TT, Springbank

Remember you get race points for volunteering. You can also contact me by email: mikehealy at shaw dot ca


Unknown said...

I will gladly volunteer for the crit night June 13th.

Marc said...

Early days but I can volunteer for the July 4 HC. Cheers- Marc Enter

AlanO said...

I'm available June 13. The area around the finish line of tonights TT there may be a good crit course. I can check it out and provide specifics later

Reinier Paauwe said...

Any chance we can do a TT on the same course we're planning for JayLap?

Anonymous said...

Reinier, where is the JLap TT course?

Rick C said...

What about a real TT - 40 km?

Trev said...

There will be three Time Trials during superweek. The COP hill climb of the TdB. Then the Cranky ITT in Aridrie (which will be the same course as the event they just held) and ours, which is a 7km hill climb leaving COP, onto 16th, onto Sarcee, up Bow Trail, and onto Old Banff Coach Road. I don't think our Hill Climb would be smart to do without pylons and police.

Anonymous said...

Today I did the loop around Highway 8, roundabout, Highway 22, Springbank Road, Lower Springbank Road, 101 Street back to Highway 8. It's the route of the old Elbow Valley Half Ironman. 5 right hand turns, one left hand turn, no stop signs (well one but you stay right). I think 42k. We could start finish where we finished the 2 up TT this week. I think that would be a nice change. What does everyone think? Only need one person to slow riders down from 101st right turn onto Highway 8.

ECosman said...

Mike, I can bring a volunteer this Wednesday if needed. Let me know. Thanks for organizing this - Ernie Cosman

Anonymous said...

Ernie, yes please bring a volunteer. OK we now have 4, thanks everyone.

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