Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 3 Penticton Camp

Big news of the day our Rock Star Women continue to amaze. Their "easy day" consisted of The Wall, Area 51 and APEX!! Sarah, Marcy, Shelley, Andrea & Simon all completed the ride. Absolutely amazing, Apex is a crazy hard climb and they all made it up. A big shout out to Simon for his expertise and support.

The US ride was terrific, biggest group ever, some flats, some crazy hard efforts and a lot of fun.

There was, however, some unpleasantry at the border. We are not sure what set off our less than friendly border lady. It might have been Harley with his jersey undone (apparently disrepectful), it might have been Charles not knowing where we were going (one should understand when in a foreign country one should know where one is going), maybe it was that it didn't make sense to her that we would drive all the way from Calgary to ride our bikes (don't we have roads in Calgary?), or maybe it was me not lining up properly and apparently I put a truck driver "at risk" of hitting me.

Regardless, the good news is I saved a trip to the Proctologist. Customs didn't find anything, but it wasn't for lack of looking... and it would appear that my prostate is in very good health! More fun coming tomorrow!


Steve P said...

Hahahaha, holy crap I missed a good year.

cyclingphysio said...

Dr. Jellyfinger I presume?

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