Friday, May 11, 2012

Clothing is Available for Pickup at Speed Theory

Our clothing order is now available for pickup at Speed Theory.

Please be careful when rummaging through the boxes. If the labels come off the bags, it will be quite difficult to figure out whose bag is whose. If a label is accidentally removed please ask Darcy for a stapler to reattach it.

CLARIFICATION:  This is the FIRST ROUND clothing order only. If you got in on the second round, that is coming early June.



Trev said...

Thank you Simon and Shelley, that was no easy task!


MattJ said...

Thanks guys for doing all the sorting. Hopefully there was a bottle of wine involved. Trev, what are we doing about missing items? Will they be coming with the June order?


Lelly Matthews said...

Thanks to everyone involved in making the first round of clothing order happen!

To echo MattJ: I am also missing the item I ordered. Any update on when missing items will arrive?

Wendy said...

Or what if we have the wrong item? I'm 99% sure I ordered a women's med but I guess it's possible that the drop down menu changed back to the default 'men's' and I just didn't notice... In which case I would just want to sell the men's medium jersey to another team member rather than waiting to exchange it for something that wouldn't be coming.

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