Friday, May 25, 2012

Large jersey for Pigeon Lake.

Can someone please bring up a Large jersey to Pigeon Lake for Marc Enter, he is a new member in Cat3 who's clothes get here on June 7th.

Please put a note in the comments if you can bring one up ...OR.... If you have a large jersey and don't mind lending it out, then put a note in the comments and I will have Marc pick it up from your house.



Robert said...

If any ST need to borrow medium jerseys let me know.

Good luck, keep the rubber down.


Reinier Paauwe said...

I live in the deep south, but you're welcome to swing by and borrow my jersey. Email me if you're still in need, rpaauwe (at) shaw (dot) ca.

Marc said...

Reinier - thanks a lot. I'll email you now.

Trev said...

OK, I think we have a jersey for Marc, Peter and Carl are both bringing one so Marc will for sure be getting one!

Thanks guys!

Marc said...

Thanks everyone - the help is most appreciated!

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